FM19 The Fred Pentland Challenge

IMG_20180819_153504Welcome, Friday 17th August 2018 and I am sat amongst friends talking football something that is very much the norm when we get together. The six of us always have some type of yearly football related competition for a small prize fund and this next year is no different except for the first time it will be related to Football Manager and will be called the FM19 Fred Pentland Challenge after we changed the name from The FM19 Super Six Challenge originally chosen solely because there is six of us in it, nothing brain storming, however once the draw was made to decide which team would be used we decided to name the challenge after one of the clubs managers. The prize pot for the winner like always will be a minimum of £1000 which is always nice to win but the bragging rights is by far the greater prize between us.

So what is the Super Six Challenge Fred Pentland Challenge ? for a start if anyone else wanted to run the same challenge you can have however many people enter that you wish, our competition is run with 6 of us or you can take on the challenge yourself with our selected club and see how you get on and play your mates for fun and of course bragging rights it does not have to be for money we have just added that between ourselves.

The Rules 

Each competitor picks a club from the default FM database however once the clubs have been chosen a draw will take place consisting of all the chosen clubs to determine which club will be used for the duration of the competition. The club picked out will be the club that each manager will use. The clubs chosen for our competition are:

  1. RasenBallsport Leipzig (Germany)
  2. Villarreal (Spain)
  3. Sampdoria (Italy)
  4. Olympique Lyonnais (France)
  5. Crystal Palace (England)
  6. Atalanta (Italy)

Our draw has taken place after we voted to each use a different club this was after we had originally decided to use just one club so that gives us a different outlook for our competition.

  1. RasenBallsport Leipzig (Germany) – Carl
  2. Villarreal (Spain) – Mick
  3. Sampdoria (Italy) – Gianluca
  4. Olympique Lyonnais (France) – Mark
  5. Crystal Palace (England) – Tommo
  6. Atalanta (Italy) – Bostock

Once a club as been chosen all the managers in the competition will take charge of their chosen club using an identical database with the same number of Leagues and players loaded.

Our competition will start on Saturday 3rd November 2018 and will run until Saturday 3rd August 2019 or until all managers in the competition have completed 10 seasons with our chosen club, once either one is completed the winner will be the manager with the most points accrued. Points are awarded for a number of in game achievements (see points system below).

If a manager is sacked from our chosen club (A) Their score will be calculated and will cease competing in the competition at that point with their end score entered in to the final reckoning  or (B) You will be given the opportunity to restart from season 1 but will have to pay 50% of the entry fee (50% =£88) and take a -200 point deduction. (fee only applicable if playing for a cash prize)

The save cannot be holidayed at any point (Checks Will Be Made)

No game editors are allowed (Checks Will Be Made)

You can choose to use any formation you desire however we all agree that we will not download or use any tactic that takes advantage of the match engine and to be honest all 6 in our competition are all anti hackz and take pride in creating their own style of play. (That is just our way of playing the game and not in anyway criticising anybody’s chosen way of playing FM)

Transfer Costs (Only Applicable If Playing For A Cash Prize) 

  • For Every €10m spent on transfers £2.50 will be paid in to the cash pot and added to the cash prize for the winner. Money will be collected at the end of each managers season. (Example Total Incoming Transfers For The Season = €100 will cost the manager £25 of their hard earned cash)

Scoring System 

Manager Points 

  • Each Club Season Completed With Our Nominated Club : 10 Points 
  • Take Charge Of An International Team (Points Awarded Once Only) : 25 Points 
  • Resign From International Management : -25 Points 
  • Sacked From International Management : -50 Points 
  • Win The European Championships / Copa America / African Nations (must have played 50% of qualifying games) : 15 Points
  • Win The World Cup (must have played 50% of qualifying games) : 25 Points 

Domestic League 

  • Win the domestic League Title : 50 Points 
  • Runner up domestic League : 25 Points 
  • 3rd place domestic League : 15 Points 
  • 4th place domestic League : 5 Points 
  • Relegation : -25 Points
  • Domestic Cup Win : 12 Points 
  • Domestic Cup Runner Up : 5 Points 
  • Domestic Super Cup Win : 3 Points 
  • League Player Top Goalscorer : 5 Points 

European Competition 

  • Champions League Winners : 50 Points 
  • Champions League Runners Up : 25 Points 
  • Champions League Player Top Goalscorer : 5 Points
  • Europa League Winners : 25 Points 
  • Europa League Runners Up : 10 Points 
  • Europa League Top Goalscorer : 3 Points 
  • European Super Cup Winners : 3 Points 

World Club Championship 

  • World Club Championship Winners 35 Points
  • World Club Championship Runners-Up : 15 Points 

Additional Player Points International Competition 

  • Top Goalscorer At The World Cup Finals : 15 Points 
  • Top Goalscorer At The European Championships : 10 Points 

Newgen Player Points At Your Club 

  • Each Newgen To Make 250 1st Team League Appearances For Your Club : 75 Points 
  • Each Newgen To Make 200 1st Team League Appearances For Your Club : 50 Points 
  • Each Newgen To Make 150 1st Team League Appearances For Your Club : 25 Points 
  • Any Newgen Developed By Your Club Through The Intake To Make 10 International Appearances : 25 Points 
  • Any Newgen Signed By Your Club Between 15 Years Old And 17 Years Old To Make 10 International Appearances : 15 Points
  • Any Newgen From Your Club Developed Through The Intake To Lift The World Cup Has Captain : 50 Points 
  • Any Newgen From Your Club Developed Through The Intake To Win Any Other International Competition Has Captain  : 25 Points 
  • Any Newgen That Scores 250 League Goals : 75 Points
  • Any Newgen That Scores 200 League  Goals : 50 Points
  • Any Newgen That Scores 150 League  Goals : 25 Points
  • Any Newgen That Scores 100 League  Goals : 15 Points 
  • Any Newgen That Scores 50 League  Goals : 10 Points 

Transfer Points 

Your Net Transfer Spend At The End Of  Each Season Will Gain Bonus Points For The Following :

  • Each €25 Million Profit : 10 Points
  • Each €25 Million Loss : -10 Points 

Feel free to share our FM Challenge, In the meantime if any of you can think of anything that we may add to the scoring system then feel free to get in touch either in the comments below or via twitter. Thanks to Carl who nominated himself to look after the scoring system. You can contact Carl via Twitter @carlclarke70 with any ideas you may have.


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